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Cassette to CD Transfer

Digital Transfer and Restoration


Many of us have precious cassette recordings of family members speaking, or music gathering dust in a cupboard or the attic. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that they exist, or perhaps we’ve thrown away any means of playing them. Unlike a CD, they don’t have a tracking order and that may have discouraged us from listening to them. Unfortunately, they will deteriorate with age to the point of being unplayable. The only long term alternative is to transfer them to a high quality CD, with convenient tracking order.

Fortunately, alongside our work as a Recording Company, we offer a popular and affordable service transfering cassettes to CD with track labelling. Our all-in price of £20.00 includes transfer, editing and track labelling, CD label, jewel case and first class return postage. We are equally happy to transfer one cassette or many.

We also offer a specialist service to restore and enhance the sound of a cassette

If you would like more information about our service, please contact us. Alternatively, download, complete and post the Cassette to CD Transfer order form together with your cassettes and payment and leave the rest to us!

Please take a look at our specialist website for cassette to CD transfer at

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